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Case Study
Reduce workforce and increase productivity

BEDMAS helps customers work smarter. Our team was called upon to assist a financial services industry client when it identified its main challenge as inefficiency. The workforce in place was unable to manage the high volume of incoming workflow and the company had considered adding additional employees to accelerate production.

Based on a thorough up-front analysis of this business's objectives and operations, we determined that a move from a paper- and fax-based system to an online interface was a simpler and more cost-effective way to accomplish their goals. The scope of the work included the design and execution of a Unix based (Solaris) operating system that would determine the approval status for basic leases and final on-site testing of the system.

The project timeline was set as 24 months; however, due to increasing our internal resources for the project, BEDMAS delivered and implemented the interface within just 16 months. With the BEDMAS solution in place, the new system could determine whether or not to approve a lease in 60% of basic cases. This effectively reduced the need to add new employees and increased the number of leases written by 53%.