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Case Study
Simplify mainframe interface, migrating users without interrupting workflow

BEDMAS helps customers contain costs. A financial services company was experiencing difficulties due to an inaccessible accounting mainframe. The company's goal was to increase availability of the mainframe for external users, with little to no cost for adding users to the system. Based on our understanding of the objectives, our team decided that the secure and flexible functionality of a LAMP platform would meet both of the clients' needs: greater accessibility and long-term cost efficiency.

During the project, we added the LAMP platform, which connects to the mainframe database and allows users to query and access previously unavailable data. This was accomplished through the implementation of secure socket layers and an easy to operate graphical user interface (gui) designed to standardize and simplify the use of the mainframe through the addition of icons, windows, and menus.

With the legacy system in tact and uninterrupted operations throughout the process, the client was able to migrate users at a gradual pace.

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Simplify mainframe interface, migrating users without interrupting workflow

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