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Case Study
Grow with the clinic network by integrating scalable solutions

BEDMAS helps customers to share information securely. A health care client identified the lack of convenient and consolidated information sharing between a network of clinics as an impediment to optimal health decisions and patient treatment. The system in place was fully paper-based and potentially compromised patient privacy, with information being faxed back and forth between clinics.

Following an extensive needs analysis, the BEDMAS team identified the value of a centralized and secure online repository for the clinic network to upload and view documents online. The website allowed users to add patient information, which could later be modified only by authorized personnel, allowing other parties solely read-only access. The use of permissions and attachments ensures the integrity of patient data by retaining control of the data at the originating source. The solution was successful on several levels: meeting security rules, achieving legal compliance and decreasing overhead costs associated with paper-based patient health records. BEDMAS ensured the system could grow with the clinic network by integrating scalability solutions that enable the easy addition of new clinics to the data infrastructure.

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Grow with the clinic network by integrating scalable solutions

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