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Case Study
Secure online environment for improved customer satisfaction

BEDMAS helps customers eradicate redundancies. A Property and Casualty insurance company selected the BEDMAS team as its partner-of-choice in developing a centralized location for reporting on the response times to claims of all its off-site and external vendors. Its focus throughout the project was twofold: ensuring prompt service delivery for customers and eliminating the superfluous labour of multiple reports on single transactions.

The database design was enhanced to include a graphical user interface for ease of use by policyholders, who would now be able to submit notices of loss and loss schedules. To ensure security of his centralized forum for incoming data, access permissions were created to identify and direct the transaction based on the system user. By unifying the various sources of data, internal employees were able to produce more accurate reports, identify weak vendor links and improve the overall customer experience. By allowing policy holders to input notices of loss and loss schedules through a secure, online environment BEDMAS gave customers an enhanced feeling of control over their claims and improved rates of client satisfaction.

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Secure online environment for improved customer satisfaction

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