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Case Study
Streamline custom-collateral online ordering.

BEDMAS streamlines custom-collateral online ordering. Coordinating and tracking the production and distribution of marketing materials based on diverse trader needs had become overly onerous for one insurance industry client. Assessing the broker-trader-printer workflow and business objectives, BEDMAS determined that a highly customized, user friendly online "web to print" order centre and Digital Asset Management (DAM) system would enable faster, more accurate request fulfillment.

Our clients use the system to upload new and critical marketing materials to the online catalogue for immediate use by their customers. The accelerated system is easily managed by a single non-technical employee within the clients organization, enhancing cost efficiency.

Through the client's customer interface, generic or personalized marketing materials can be created and ordered for standard or custom campaigns. The ability to preview and modify materials with logos, messages or other assets gives customers on-demand leveraging of the client's approved marking product catalogue, with built-in proofing steps and specified shipping to one or multiple destinations.

For the printer, the order management and notification features create intelligent, workflow-based processing queues. Tasks from multiple orders are bulked, communication with the requestor flows smoothly, and order fulfillment is tracked for billing purposes.