Our Services

Online brand strategy and identity
BEDMAS uses your existing collateral and branding guides to establish a consistent online presence. Throughout the consultation and strategy stage, our web development team will work with you to determine your primary online customer or client, your competition and your unique selling proposition. Moving forward into production, we will ensure your implicit values and personality—key facets of your brand identity—are weaved into the tapestry of your website, so that when your clients arrive, they know immediately what you can do for them and why they should trust you. We'll help you to determine your customers' online experience and apply that understanding to a variety of custom solutions such as wikis, screencasts and blogs; thereby increasing customer retention while reducing operation costs.

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Website and user interface design
BEDMAS designs dynamic customer-focused websites scaled to your needs. Whether you are creating an attractive, persuasive information reserve or a completely searchable, retail warehouse our team will build the site with an emphasis on the appropriate use of technology. This ensures maximum efficacy and speed, enhancing the overall end-user experience. The more intuitive a website's navigation and interface, the easier it becomes to build customer loyalty, to attract new clients and to retain them for the long term.

We are experienced in developing websites that give our clients lots of expandability, growing in size and complexity alongside your business needs. Our expertise is designing interfaces with maximum responsiveness, anticipating and reacting to users' input and preferences. For instance, subtle enhancements, such as pop-up calendars and dynamic look-up lists, optimize the time a user spends on your website.

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Data management and reporting
BEDMAS manages data and reporting with an emphasis on integrity and accuracy. Your funnels of information may include web content, user inputs and preferences, and other navigational data, which can be centrally stored for access as users move through the site. Data extraction is agile, with reporting capabilities based on touch points throughout the entire site and including all web metrics.

Our up-front assessment of your management and reporting objectives will enable our team to create a data warehouse that mitigates the potential for data misreads and sorting overwhelming volumes of data according to each users end application. We provide high-quality, accurate measures so you can understand your visitors' behaviours and site usage. This information is applied to support and quantify your commerce, web advertising and affiliate site successes.

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Design and execution of thin client web applications
BEDMAS develops customs systems to automate and increase your business. Our team can develop open-platform frameworks to improve web mapping, combining the rich benefits of traditional desktop applications with the reach of browser-based systems. We can leverage your existing data, applications and process, or define and model processes, to provide a thin-client (web application), individual role-based desktop for employees, enhancing productivity and allowing them to be more fully focused on end results.

Such thin-client online interfaces are rapidly setting the new standard for information transactions. No longer driven by a static set of html codes, these dynamic sites are generated each and every time a user accesses them. The bulk of the data processing occurs on the site server, lowering IT administration costs of the application. The content and flow of actual information from the server and to the user can be adjusted based on past data and even on the real-time actions of the user during interaction with the application.

Process and delivery of the site's contents are transparent at the users' end, protecting any proprietary algorithms and removing time-consuming processing from the users' machine. This ensures fast, consistent access for the users, regardless of the quality of computer they are using.

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Management of online workflows
BEDMAS assists users to clarify and streamline workflows through a centralized unified database. Our development team will perform an in-depth, up-front needs analysis to develop checks and balance reminders for users based on pre-determined system expectations. For example, by setting controls over the presentation of site contents to the end user, the database can determine when a flow of work is completed and the next stage is ready to be processed. Using a similar logic, when initializing an interaction with the database, a user can be reminded of work that is incomplete. We can also develop email reminders of pending dates for completion to ensure that workflows remain on schedule.

To reduce internal workflow redundancies, we will analyze the accumulated tasks within the workflow and assign each to the appropriate people, developing accesses in which the workload can be balanced over several people with similar roles and responsibilities.

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Data cleansing
BEDMAS eliminates redundant and inaccurate information through the creation of customized scripts that unify scub and filter data within a single data storehouse. By unifying your data in a single, web accessible warehouse with referential links, we can enhance its utility Data is stored in one place with referential links to enhance its usefulness. Because it is web accessible, access can be given to responsible individuals for the maintenance of demographic data, which is available as needed throughout the company. This eliminates the multitude of lists of suppliers, employees, customers, etc that often contain duplicates, errors and omissions.

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Secure systems development
BEDMAS applies best practices in security and data integrity through crosschecks and queries to develop premium systems for our clients. Understanding the nature of data flow from the user into the system has inherent opportunities for error and omission, our secure systems consistently check incoming data against current content for accuracy and alignment. Data is scrubbed of any control characters that could cause problems, and inappropriate input is immediately flagged with a dual prompt to the user: first, clearly indicating to the user that the information has been rejected and explaining the reason, and, second, requesting the correct information be input.

Reacting to user input further controls data input. For example, if a user inputs a postal code, the system automatically generates the correct input data for the province and city, removing the time and onus on the user to input that information accurately. Should the user have inadvertently input the postal code incorrectly, this feature also acts as a notification tool, as they user will see note the erroneous location data and double-check their work. Such selection lists are used where the data has a known set of responses, such as in stoplight colours: green, amber, red. These selection lists are managed directly on the site by an internal stakeholder with systems permission.

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Technologies supported:

  • C,
  • C++
  • C#
  • Perl
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Dynamic HTML
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PHP
  • AJAX
  • Active X
  • Python
  • XML
  • Fortran
  • Pascal
  • LISP
  • Assembler
  • Prolog
  • Scheme
  • Tcl/TK
  • Databases:

  • Oracle
  • Sybase
  • DB2
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQL Server
  • Server platforms:

  • Unix
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Macintosh